New Members' Evening & Walthamstow Active

New Members' Evening

Wednesday 29 October

Prospective members are welcome to try us out on an evening walk in Rotherhithe ending at a pub near the river

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Walthamstow Active

Walthamstow Active is our season of activities in and around Walthamstow. It is  designed to promote what CLOG offers. Everyone is welcome whether or not you live in North East London

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New Members' Evening - more details

On Wednesday 29 October we are having a New Members Evening - perfect for all those who have recently joined or for potential new members - so tell any of your friends and colleagues who might
be interested in CLOG. But this event is really for everyone.

It will be a combination of evening walk and pub social with yummy buffet food supplied (but
buy your own drinks from the bar).

The evening walk will be a Woodland, Wharves, Bodysnatchers and Pirates walk which will
depart at 18:30 sharp (ie aim to meet around 10 minutes earlier) from Canada Water tube
station (Jubilee and Overground) on Weds 29th ending up at The Ship pub in Rotherhithe about
an hour(ish) later. Those unable to do the walk can arrive at the pub (near Rotherhithe
tube) from 7:30pm onwards. Food will be served at 8:15pm.

Further details below:

Woodland, Wharves, Bodysnatchers and Pirates Walk

The first part of the walk goes through Russia Dock Woodland (I bet you didn't know there
was a big wood in Rotherhithe!) Russia Dock Woodland is a long narrow park created by the
infilling of Russia Dock (originally used for the importing of timber from Norway, Russia
and Sweden). We don't have light evenings in October, but for your comfort and safey, the
path is surfaced and lit by street lamps.

We end up by the Thames at King and Queen Wharf (built by French prisoners during the
Napoleonic Wars in the 1790s). Along the Thames admiring wharves and views opposite to
Wapping, where pirates and thieves flourished in the 18th century. Pirates would ambush
ships coming into the area and also steal outgoing cargoes. In 1701 Captain Kidd was
executed at Execution Dock (opposite), which dealt  with convicted pirates for over 400 years. 

We exit onto Rotherhithe St by the red swing bridge near the Rotherhithe Tunnel shafts. The
Rotherhithe Tunnel was designed by Marc and Isambard Brunel and was finished in 1843. 
After 26 years as a foot tunnel, it was converted to a railway tunnel for the East London
Railway in 1869 and is now part of the Overground. It is the oldest tunnel in the oldest
underground system in the world.

The walk continues along Rotherhithe Street past the Brunel Museum and the Mayflower pub
(near the landing steps where the Pilgrim Fathers set sail aboard the Mayflower). Past St
Mary’s Church which dates back to the 12th century. The churchyard holds some very
interesting people including three of the four owners of the Mayflower and Prince Lee Boo.

Through the churchyard to St Mary’s Free School and the Watch House. Outside the former
school are two statues of school children wearing uniform from the 18th century. The school
was founded in 1613 for the sons of local seafarers and is thought to be the oldest
elementary school in London.

The Watch House next door dates from 1821 and was used by watchmen who guarded the graves
from bodysnatchers (also known as resurrection men). Bodysnatching was common in this area
as surgeons at the local Guy’s Hospital required fresh corpses and body parts for medical
research. In 1832, the Anatomy Act was passed and it became legal to dissert the unclaimed
bodies of people who died in hospitals and poorhouses so bodysnatching was no longer needed.

We walk down Elephant Lane to the Ship pub, where the walk finishes. 

Ship pub, 39-47 St Marychurch St, only a couple of minutes from Rotherhithe tube station. 

Do not not confuse with the Ship and Whale or the Ship York or any other pub with a similar
name in the Rotherhithe area!

This is the right pub:'s+rotherhithe

We've reserved half the bar area and food will be served at 8:15pm.

Walthamstow Active - more details

Walthamstow Active is our season of activities in and around Walthamstow. It is  designed to promote what CLOG offers. Everyone is welcome whether or not you live in North East London. Here is a taste of what is coming up.

  • Sunday 5 October - Go Ape zip wire in Trent Park
  • Sunday 5 October - day walk in Epping Forest

All these events can be accessed by the Victoria Line from Walthamstow or trains from Liverpool Street either directly or with one easy change.

Full details are on our website and Meetup page (or will appear shortly).

We would welcome offers of help to organise more events over the next few months. It does not have to be in Walthamstow as long as it's within easy reach by tube or train with no more than one easy change. Effectively we are looking for events in North and East London, Essex and Hertfordshire. Day walks, bike rides, evening walks or social events are all welcome. Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you are willing to organise an event