Social Programme

Every month we have a special themed event - the big social event - often with food and drink. The day varies but it is usually between about 7.30pm and 9.30pm.

In addition, lots of other social events occur all the time including outdoor activities such as evening walks, rounders matches or treasure hunts. Others include meals out, cinema/theatre trips, concerts, dancing and so on.
Any member can volunteer to put on a talk, slideshow, wine tasting evening, quiz, food & drink evening - or anything they wish. Sometimes we invite outside speakers to come and talk about subjects of interest to the group.
Please feel free to suggest something for the group to organise, or better still - why not organise it yourself?
For details of the programme and other social events see the Events Calendar or phone the CLOG Hotline on 020 8281 3164 (this is a recorded message updated every Friday morning).