What's On

Do I need to book?

For day walks you can just turn up.
For trips away involving accommodation you need to book.  Post a cheque made payable to "CLOG" for the amount stated in the details to the Bookings Organiser for trips.  Personal addresses are not shown on our website so go to the Contacts page on our website and email the Bookings Organiser to get the address.

Non Members
You may join us as a ‘guest’ for three events in order to see if the club will suit you. This includes most day walks but priority on trips away is given to paid-up members
On day walks, the walk leader may ask for your details. This is partly so that we can record your attendance but primarily because our Public Liability insurers need to know average numbers on events, including non-members.
On weekend and longer trips numbers are usually limited and priority will be given to paid-up members.

Find out in detail what's happening this week.
Events calendar
Our events calendar tells you about all the events that are coming up over the year. There may be some spaces where more events are added during the year.

Social programme
Meet other members at our regular social meetings and other social events.